Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Time To Go Solo; Make 2011 the Year of YOU

The other day, the following song lyric came into my head: "I'm on a roll, it's time to go solo" and I thought to myself, "Why, yes it is." As a matter of fact, it has been for a long time.

That thought was followed shortly there after by, "just who the heck said that????"

Turns out Vanilla Ice get's the credit for invading my memory and making that statement. Who knew "Ice Ice Baby" would still be on my mind after all these years?

What does rolling solo mean to you?  

I can tell you what it means to me.

For starters, it means to step out as a soloprenuer, to embrace the challenge of potentially working for myself again. Apparently I am not alone.

A recent survey from TheSoloprenuerLife.com stated that, "Solopreneurs are extremely optimistic about 2011, even as they struggle with cash flow, time management, marketing, and other aspects of running their businesses." I can confirm this to be true even though I wasn't surveyed.

Despite the challenges with "doing your own thing", the freedom and flexibility that come with pursuing your own passions outweigh everything. Agree/disagree?

Stepping out solo also means to finally trust my gut and follow my instincts. To take the comedy class I've been blabbing to my family about,  to move on from people that I've outgrown (hard as that may be), to let pessimistic people have their opinions about me but know that in the end, I live with myself and my decisions--end of story.

Given the survey combined with recent encounters I've had at various events in LA, I sense that a lot of people want to step out solo this year. And rightfully so! Technology has provided us with the ability to work from anywhere in the world, to make our dreams realities, to work completely alone yet still feel connected given our ability to engage online.

Sure, to get to this "solo" space isn't easy.

It's more comfortable to work for a company, to sing a duet, to have a partner in crime. When you're solo, you have to self motivate and focus each and everyday.

But if Vanilla Ice can step out solo as one of the first white rappers back in 1990, then you and I can step out solo in 2011--regardless of what that means for us respectively.

So I ask again, what does "it's time to go solo" mean to you?

I'm enjoying the solo life especially since right now I'm heading back to LA after a weekend spent exploring the California coast and Big Sur.

Wouldn't you want to ride solo after seeing this?

For more statistics or to cure your curiosity on Solopreneurs check out the SoloprenuerLife's survey results ----> here

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