Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The First "Ask Jac"--Best Practices for Blogging

The term BLOG is commonly used now a days and it seems as though everyone within my immediate circles and networks are Blogging . While I feel there is no real right or wrong way to blog, there are some helpful tips that can ensure you don't just waste space (or more importantly your time writing something that isn't of any interest or help to the public.)

My first "Ask Jac" question pertains to this. Aaron Mandelbaum from Sales Benchmark Index maintains a blog,

His question is as follows: "Do you know of a best practices for blogging reference point? Or even a blogger who discusses this kind of thing?"

My answer for Aaron and all of my fellow bloggers out there is:
  1. Before you Blog, do some research . I utilize particularly PROBLOGGER TIPS and COPYBLOGGER for tips on promoting my blog, organizing it, keeping up with best blogging practices as well as engaging my audience. As important as it is for you to write your blog, it also important to read up on the current "Blogspace" to ensure you wedge your way in then stay put and grow.
  2. Identify the purpose of your blog. What does your blog provide to the end user? It can be entertainment, it can be self-help or in my case, a mix of subject matter. However, you don't want to ramble. You want to have sticking power so that your blog is credible and gains popularity. Hone in on what you would like your blog to be about so that you have quality of content, not just quantity.
  3. Support other Bloggers. Read other blogs, follow other blogs. I have found that exploring other people's creativity and humor inspires my own. Also, the more support you give, the more likely you are to get support (and exposure in return.)
Be sure to check out Aaron's blog, you can contact him to learn all about his "Virtual Coffee" concept.

In the meantime, keep the "Ask Jac" questions coming!

I am excited to have this creative outlet and look forward to growing this blog in 2011. Feel free to follow me here, connect with me on Linkedin or become my friend on Twitter.

Signing off,
The Jaclyn of All Trades

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ask Jac--An Advice Forum

Hello! Happy Holidays! I hope this Tuesday, December 28th, finds you all in good spirits.

This time of year, (aka the end of the year) often initiates reflection upon our lives!!! What did we accomplish this past 12 months? What could we have accomplished? What did we learn?

We, or maybe just ME then take this information and regroup for our beloved New Years resolutions. Yes, I said resolutions--plural. Personally, I will have a lot of marks for myself to achieve this year.

Often times, my friends and I get into discussions about our lives, goals and where we see ourselves down the line. And dear old father time has taught us all that, sure--you can plan but things will change! Trust me, things will change dramatically and often when least expected, causing chaos and growth yet that is the beauty of life. Finding our way amidst the mess, forging "our own path."

I have undergone A LOT of change over the years. I've worked in different industries, lived in different cities, I've traveled to different places. And so, I have become a resource for my friends and family.

"Jaclyn, how can I launch my blog?"

"Jaclyn, what did you like best about being a business traveler? What's the best way to fly from x to z?"

"Jac, I don't know how to word this, can you help me?"

Needless to say, I LOVE to help people! I should rephrase that, I LOVE to analyze and find solutions to things that people need help with. We all need help, myself included. And it is more natural for some of us (ME) to help others.

So-to share, one of my resolutions this year is to get more focused with my blog and I believe an "Ask Jac" column will allow me to do this. I can share my expertise while assisting people with advice or guidance they may need in their life. This is a formal invitation where I now invite you to think long and hard of a creative question and "Ask Jac".

I will post your questions and my answers here then link back to you (or allow you to remain anonymous if you so chose).

Whatever the case, 4 days remain in 2010. Reflect back and regroup for 2011 then get ready to ask for advice regarding your goals--not just from me, from anyone. Before we know it, 2011 year will be over too. MAKE IT COUNT!

Signing off,

Jaclyn Mullen
The Jaclyn of All Trades

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Super Social Family

It's been a few weeks since I last blogged. My apologies, things have been changing for me very quickly. So, I took a break but now I'm back. Not only am I back (and blogging) but I am tumbling too

Me encanta mucho mi Tumblr ♥

I recently signed up for Tumblr thanks to the influence of my eighteen year old cousin Marissa. She is quite the Millennial-totally into Urban Outfitters, Indie Rock bands and all things Internet related including Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM

Her Tumblr currently has 800 followers!! She has also created and maintained the blog for a charity she is involved in which raises awareness for pediatric cancer, check out them out

Me and my "sister" from another Mullen Mister!

My other cousin Shayne (Marissa's brother) even has his own blog entitled "Whomping Stereo", which features the latest in the house music scene. Shayne is currently studying abroad in Barcelona where his appreciation for house music has really developed.


It is really cool to be able to share interests with my family, particularly music, social media, and cause-related marketing. Having said that, I highly suggest that those of you in the social media space check out Tumblr. While I absolutely LOVE the concept of written blogs, Tumblr is more photo based and as they say, "A picture is worth 1,000 words."

All in all, social media is proving to be a great way to for me to keep up to date on everything including my relatives. As a result of my social media connection with my cousins, I will continue "Tumbling" and expanding my house music repertoire well on into 2011.