Monday, November 1, 2010

Why Would You Want To Read My Writing?

Welcome to my world, where everyday I experience something NEW! 

Over the past few years, I have earned the distinction of being known as the Jaclyn Of All Trades.

Why might you ask? (and what does it matter what people call you--and for the record, who are you?) 

I have worked in a variety of industries--some worth bragging about (entertainment), some were typical (small business consulting) but provided valuable experience. 

I have traveled the US and parts of the world. (US wise-I've been to at least 30 of the 50 states.)

I have been on TV, heard on an Internet Radio station, I even tried out for American Idol! (If you've just moved to LA and need to know a few good casting agencies, I'm your go to girl!!!)

So why does all of this matter? Because life is short and more importantly, I learned from each and everyone of my adventures.  Heck, I am still learning everyday! And I'd like to share what I have learned using this platform.

So that's it.

THIS is what my blog will be about. My life lessons and the use of social media to promote them.
I hope to make you laugh, I hope to make you cry. I hope to entertain and teach!

Let the good times roll.


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