Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kendi Everyday-30 for 30 Inspirations

The best part about the Internet is connecting with those on the world wide web, those we may have never come across in this lifetime if not for the "Net."

Such is the case with Kendi Lea, a style blogger I have grown to adore. I immediately began following her on Twitter as soon as my friend Tina referred me to her site and not only have I become a fan of but I have also managed to get my amazing network of women to start following Kendi as well.

I present to you, our WhatWouldKendiWear-A 30-30 challenge edition. (Per Kendi, the "30-30 simply meant that I would take 30 items and remix only those items into 30, (hopefully) stylish outfits." From this concept, she now encourages her readers to participate in 30-30's with her as she schedules them) the challenge started November 1st and I am participating!

Purple Belted Power on the Jaclyn of All Trades

Pretty in Pink and Blue
on Erica, my step-sis/roomie who is also an agent at The Agency Group
You can follow her on Twitter @yourshoesdaily @quotesfromEL

Modern Denim Chic
on Monique, my right hand woman

Belted Bohemian
on the green goddess Justine.

You too can get inspired by
As our pictures prove, it's a lot of fun to remix your wardrobe and work with what you've got.

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