Monday, November 8, 2010

Under Construction

Well, I did it. I started this blog. This is not my first blog but it will be my best blog!


Because it will feature things that I am passionate about. I will also provide all kinds of fun tips for the readers with regard to networking, social media, job hunting, signing up for a casting company, starting a blog!!! (They don't call me the Jaclyn of All Trades for nothing.)

So now that I have a blog I'm going to work on the design of it and while I do that, perhaps you should update your Linkedin profile.

You may be asking yourself "what", "where did that come from" or "why should I care about my Linkedin profile?"

To answer your question(s) last week, I started following this girl @EmilyMolitor on Twitter. She had tweeted something to the effect of "Your Linkedin Profile Is Better Than Your Resume" accompanied by a link to an article which totally caught my attention.

I have had a Linkedin account for about 4 years now but always approached it as more of a list rather then something that could highlight my personality and skill set.

According to the article (written by Jason Seiden) "people are fascinated by stories, not rote regurgitations of one’s professional “accomplishments. You “manage all aspects of the project delivery?” Really? Wowwwwwww. That’s the best you can do on your LinkedIn profile?"

I read the article in it's entirety and then between last night and this morning, I updated my Linkedin profile. After all, I am trying to build this blog and myself as a brand.

So, I highly suggest you read this article and get to work! And like I said, while you do THAT I'll be working on this......wait, it's 8:11 am. Time to go to the 9-5 job. Blog site design rescheduled for tonight.