Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Findings..New Friends..New Focus

I love Social Media and all of the knowledge, experiences and connections it continues to provide for me. Having said that, my social media "case study" today starts off with the Beverly Hills Fashion Festival.

I was invited to attend by one of the event producers Lara Gallagher @Gallagherstar and we both sent out some tweets a few days prior to the festival last week, promoting it as the "Bryant Park" of California fashion.

I attended the Elie Tahari show which was captivating. I recall lots of gold necklaces, bracelets, sheer black tops and very feminine flowing lines. The festival itself included a variety of tents with the runways in one section then jewelry booths, fashion designs on display as well as make-up in another. Located within one of those tents is where I found MAGIC!

First, I met Richard Paul Anderson, founder of the product line Perfekt. Richard is AMAZING! Pefekt is AMAZING. Upon talking with Richard, I discovered that he successfully launched some of today's leading beauty brands including Yves Saint Laurent and Bobbi Brown essentials prior to launching his line. Basically he heard so many women always vent about the lack of time they have to get ready and he decided to launch a product that acted as a foundation, primer, color corrector and powder all in one!!!

I made sure to pick up some Skin Perfection Gel for myself while obtaining Richards card for networking purposes. As a self proclaimed "networking queen", I strongly encourage you to follow up right away with people you meet and wish to work with in the future. And by right away, I mean within 24 hours. Personally, I added Richard as my facebook friend that night and started following Perfekt on Twitter immediately.

While in the Perfekt area, I met two LA based fashion bloggers! Since fashion blogs have become a new "fashion-ation" of mine, I was excited to come across these new sources and am happy to share them with you (whoever you may be at this point, this is my second post). HAHA.

I now follow these two bloggers on Twitter as well and you can too @therayandthero and @lizzcarlino

Naturally social media is a great way to keep up with new technological trends, fabulous fashion finds, great skin care products and new friends. The events from this past weekend are inspiring me to focus more on fashion, art and beauty so much so that I am going to participate in a 30 for 30 challenge being hosted by: http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com Her blog is AMAZING, I highly suggest you check it out. And on that note, we covered a lot today. I told you my life is always an adventure!! Signing off as a Proud Remixer--the Jaclyn of All Trades.


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  1. I love social media thanks for all the input on these great websites.