Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Ask Jac Is Now Back

It's back. The Ask Jac series has started again effective this Tuesday, March 1, 2011 (except now I am calling it "Just Ask Jac"). Allow me to explain why. 

 This is what you call armed and dangerous. 
(Laptop, Blackberry, Digital Camera--fully loaded)

I created "Ask Jac" as a platform to provide answers and advice for friends, associates and family members.  So, what qualifies me to give advice? Let's just say that over the years, I have earned the nickname "The Jaclyn of All Trades" not because I have stepped outside my comfort zone and pursued different jobs (although that helps), but for the reason's that I am very goal oriented, driven and diversified in my work experience.  

This Jac(k) of All Trades stuff dates back to Centreville Highschool, where I was afforded the opportunity to work and earn class credit. Learn to earn money and get out of school by noon? That was just too good of a situation for me to pass up. And thus it all began, my life as a professional...."professional." 

Way back in ninth grade, I got my stint in the food business by working the cash register at BBQ Country in Centreville, VA. Halfway through the year, after smelling like the scent of barbecue sauce and coleslaw, I made my first career move. I began working at Little Caesar's. Pizza Pizza. The perks of Little Caesar's included free crazy bread, a dollar raise and higher volume of sales (those $5.00 pizza's have always been a good deal, even way back in 1997). 

Year after year, I continued to test out different industries. I was a shampoo girl, I was a sales associate in retail for Foot Locker and Macy's. By senior year, I had arrived. I landed an office job. Ok, my dad was my boss but that's besides the point.

I must admit, I never intended to be a job hopper; simultaneously, while trying all these vocations out, I was a member of my highschool's show choir and LOVED performing therefor I simply viewed working all these different jobs, in different industries while wearing different uniforms and dealing with different customers as....acting.

They say "old habits die hard" and they aren't lying. While in college, I continued to work in different industries--real estate, restaurant, fitness, child development, magazine publishing. "Life is short" I thought. "While I am still in school, why not try and figure out what the heck it is I really want to do?" 

Needless to say, I'm still trying. But at 29, I'm feeling fine. I've found an amazing tool that allows me to combine all of my past experience, passion for performing and knowledge from my many jobs for other people's benefit--this blog. 

And through the years, the Internet has continued to be my one constant, trusted, loyal professional friend. I am in the process of launching this all while taking stand up comedy classes and calculating my next move which I document on a daily basis through blogging and Twitter.

So, now that you know my background, I invite you to hit me with your best shot. Feel free to "Just Ask Jac"--it really is that simple. I will gladly provide a practical answer and some insight via this blog and viola, your life will be complete. (Unless your question is how to cure Charlie Sheen because even the Jaclyn of All Trades can't come up with an answer for that.) 

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