Monday, March 21, 2011

Motivational Mondays "Best Week Ever" Edition

"Imagine a new stack of crisp white paper. It's just waiting for you to start writing the pages of your story. No one else will have a story like yours. So fill those pages however you wish, and sign your story with a flourish." Anonymous

It's Monday (or as I like to refer to it, Motivational Monday) and THIS WEEK IS GOING TO BE YOUR BEST WEEK EVER! Yep, I said it and I meant it. Best Week Ever--funny, over the top, just like the hysterical TV show on Vh1. 

Monday signifies the time to start fresh; the time to look ahead. But old folklore often says, "you won't know where you are going if you don't know where you have come from." Want to know why? Often when we begin a new endeavor, we set out to reach new heights, we set new goals. The emphasis is on doing things that have not done been before---not on looking back at what we are leaving behind. 

As you start a new week, do you ever stop and reflect on your personal victories from the week before?  

Are you able to keep things in perspective or is there a demand to continue and become a better you without giving yourself a big, old pat on the back?

Recaps. Gotta have them. Especially if you want to maintain some momentum towards your goals. Noting the tasks you have accomplished adds fuel to your spirit. Identifying areas where you fell short helps you improve and carve out time to work on your weaknesses. Acknowledging the success of your past week allows you to express gratitude for people that have helped you along the way. 

So, tell me. How did your week go? 

What did you accomplish? Where did you fall short? What are your goals for this week?

I must admit, as excited as I am for the next few days, last week was truly the best week ever. I fulfilled my "Michael Jordan moment" by performing a 5 minute stand up comedy routine in front of 200 plus people. 90% of those people were strangers. 

 A few folks are are some of my friends from comedy class.

I was the gracious recipient of a delicious meal--Mario Batali pizza and two glasses of red wine, from a guy named Guy who happened to bring his friends and family to my comedy show a few days later! There I was, first time on stage at a huge comedy venue jam packed with people and I look straight out into the crowd and see my new friend Guy sitting there, smiling. It calmed my nerves tremendously to see him in the audience. Talk about a random act of kindness (treating me to a meal and participating in the support of my comedy show). Guy's actions meant so much to me that I will be telling my grandchildren the story someday.

To add to my week, I had over 20 people come out to see me perform Wednesday night. The attendance of the show was incredible and I cannot thank everyone enough for their support and feedback. I even received a gorgeous bouquet of good luck flowers from a friend who is afar.

Then to top it all off, this past Saturday night, I was gifted tickets to check out Lisa Loeb in concert. I sang her songs all throughout middle school, Lisa Loeb will never ever be too old school for me.

Here is my video of Lisa singing "Stay, I Missed You." Go ahead, sing along. 

And so, it is time; time to make this week the best week ever for me and for you. (A special thanks to Chuck Nice for his portrayal of R.Kelly in the video clip at the top, courtesy of BestWeekEver.TV)

This Motivational Monday, spend your time wisely. Re-read the quote at the top of this blog post. Note your success from the previous weeks, challenge yourself to meet your goals these next few days. No matter how far fetched, if you want something, you can and will make it happen. 

Trust me, I am the last person that people would initially perceive as a stand up comic and yet, I refused to let that deter me from going for it. I will continue to do stand up because I want to.

Lastly, share some motivation this Monday. Congratulate a friend on a recent milestone they've achieved. Perform a random act of kindness. Comment on this article with your tips for "making it" through Monday.

And keep on keeping on. March is almost over and in less than two weeks, quarter one of 2011 will be done. Work hard but don't forget to have fun in the process.

Signing off, 

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