Friday, February 18, 2011

Feel Good Fridays-Your Word Is Your Bond In Marketing and Beyond

Every Friday, I try to offer enlightening and positive perspective through my "Feel Good Friday" series. But this Friday, I don't feel good, at least not yet.

I am listening to the PS 22 Chorus as a means to lift my mood. These kids always have a way of settling one's spirits--the combination of their talent, passion and enthusiasm can even bring Debbie Downer out of the dumps.

So why post something to Feel Good Friday if I don't feel good? Did you read the other half of the title? Your word is your bond in marketing and beyond.

The purpose of my post today is to show (1) that I am human and although I strive to be positive and easy going, somedays even I struggle with drowning out negative thoughts and (2) your character cannot escape you in your personal or professional life so act with integrity.

Your word is your bond in marketing and beyond. 

I have to be honest via this blog and state that I have a hard time dealing with people, companies and thought leaders alike that lie, mislead or cheat their way to success. Peter Shankman had an awesome post this week entitled "Welcome to the Age of You Gonna Get Caught" addressing this very issue when Groupon and FTD found themselves in a sticky situation.

I will say it again. Your word is your bond in marketing and beyond.

We all have moments in our lives where our character may come into play. Either we can satisfy ourselves first or try and satisfy another person whether they be a significant other, a customer, a friend or a foe. If you need to be honest about something which may lead to less profitablity, the potential loss of a relationship, any loss in general, do you satisfy our own selfish needs and desires and conceal information or do you step up to the home plate and hit a homerun with honesty?

Telling the truth may hurt, there may in fact be a loss of some sorts but nothing is worse than individuals, businesses and friends that don't speak the truth. So how does lying affect business, affect relationships and the world subsequently? The truth shall allow you to move forward, move freely, to move with fortitude. The truth allows things to remain balanced and fair.

When you lie, deceive, withhold or refrain you set forward a series of actions that affect your ability to live comfortably and true. Who wants to have to always watch over their shoulder or wonder when they will get caught? We know for sure that every dog has his day.

To those who compromise professional integrity, your customers will not be forgiving (nor should be). False advertising will come back around to you (consumers are intelligent and now have more power than you acknowledge). To those who compromise personal integrity, good luck. It's really not too hard to live by the golden rule in and out of business. To paraphrase, do good to others without thinking how it will impact you--at all, what so ever. Step up, man up, show that integrity is more valuable than fools gold.

At the end of the day, that which is built upon a frail and fake foundation shall collapse. Do right by your customers, colleagues, friends and close contacts. The rest will take care of itself.

Your word is your bond in marketing and beyond--remember that. I'm glad I got this off my chest, now it really is a Feel Good Friday--Billy Idol and all.

I'd love to hear from you too. Comments? Thoughts?

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