Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another "Jac" Of All Trades Joins Jaclyn Mullen Media: Meet Jackie Carbajal

Well folks, it's been awhile. As a matter of fact, it's been too long since we last blogged. But there have been a lot of developments in the summer air (and there will be plenty more developments as we breeze into fall).

Our client roster is growing, our skill set is expanding, heck--we're even moving into an office November 1st! None of these changes would be possible without our clients.....or you.....or the people who help the moving parts "move along" on a daily basis.

Enter Jackie Carbajal, the new (and very first) Creative Designer at Jaclyn Mullen Media. Jackie brings her wit, design skills and humor to the team. We're happier, healthier (being less stressed is a good thing) and we want you to get to know a little bit more about the other "Jacqueline of all trades"!

Name: Jacqueline Carbajal
Age: 23
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Color: "Black is such a happy color!"- Morticia Addams

On a daily basis, you can't live without which three brands:

1. Apple aka my iPhone, which has grown into my arm.
2. My Michael Kors Purse and the contents which it holds. I give Mary Kate Olsen and other bag ladies a run for their money.
3. Pete's Coffee/Starbucks/Coffee Bean. Anywhere that I can get coffee. I can't live without coffee

Which social networking platform are you addicted to? Why?

Twitter, Twitter and more Twitter. I like having a forum that I can express my internal dialogue without the commentary from Facebook.

What excites you about working for Jaclyn Mullen Media?

The idea that it is such a current job, meaning that this line of work didn't exist 15 years ago. I am excited about using social media in order to spread "word of mouth" about companies and helping them flourish. It's exciting to work for someone who is living her dream because she inspires me to pursue mine.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I would like to be living in New York City as a freelance designer and gallery owner with my dog Teddy.

Which do you prefer: photo posts or text posts? Why?

I enjoy photos from artists and designers: they allow me to see their current work. However, I love a good laugh so twitter posts from comedians really make my day.

Favorite place on earth:
Difficult question, I have 3.
1. Yosemite, the most beautiful place on Earth.
2. Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth.
3. MOMA, I could days looking at art and new exhibits.

Goal you are most excited to fulfill in this new role:
To create an identity for myself and learn the aspects of running a successful business.

Plug for your Twitter and Tumblr.




Alright folks, look for more J and J collaborations including our Startups and Stilettos™ LOGO! 

Let us know what you think! You can always comment or connect with us at Facebook.com/jaclynmullenmedia

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