Thursday, July 21, 2011

30 Things To Do Before Turning Thirty (The first ten)

On September 11th, 2011, I will turn thirty.

I don't know what is more shocking: the date of my birth paired with the fact that Osama Bin Laden was killed this year OR the fact that as of 09/11/201, my twenties will officially be history.

So, to embrace this new stage of life, I'm compiling a list and I intend to fulfill it. I have approximately seven weeks to make magic happen before I surpass the age of twenty nine. And if you thought I was going to attempt these 30 things on my own, you were mistaken. Join me on this journey, it will certainly make it more fun for all parties involved.

Let's get started, here are my first ten things.
  1. 30 Stories of Turning 30 blog. I'm sure I'll come up with a more compelling title than that but for now, I will start taking submissions and stories from people regarding how you spent your 30th birthday. Did you go on a trip, cross something off your bucket list, help someone in need? How are your thirties treating you? What was the most meaningful thing you learned from your twenties? Email stories to: DEADLINE August 26th, 2011.
  2. Birthday build. I will be celebrating my 30th birthday by raising funds for Habitat for Humanity Greater LA. I plan to raise $5,000 and gather a group of friends to work on an actual Habitat Site. If you'd care to join in, save the date of Saturday September 10th, 2011. More details to come these following few weeks. 
  3. Publish an E-book. Yes. I need to practice what I often wisely preach to my clients and publish an ebook. I am contemplating the idea of inspirational content and stories vs. practical business advice. Any thoughts? Topics? Subjects you'd like to read about? Let me know. 
  4. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a New York City landmark. And it's easily accessible to me when I am in Manhattan. The word around the city that never sleeps is you are to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and eat a slice of Grimraldi's pizza in Brooklyn then turn around, and walk back to Manhattan. I'll keep you posted on my progress. 
  5. Write and record another song. I went to school for Music. I danced my whole life and yet, somehow I have let the artistic side of me sit on the sidelines for way too long. Considering my Mac proficiency, it should be no problem for me to write and record another song. Your ears may thank me later.
  6. Enroll in an Improv Comedy Class. I've graduated from stand up comedy school, now it's time to conquer another form of comedy. I've got plenty of accents and imitations just itching to break out. Tweeeeeder.
  7. Volunteer my business savvy for a good cause. A recent contact I met for drinks told me about, a website that allows you to volunteer ONLINE. There are a variety of great topics and ways to contribute including Blogging, Marketing, Social Media. If you haven't heard of it before, check it out.
  8. Reach out and contact three of my idols in business. You never know what doors may open if you at least knock. Maybe I'll Tweet them or send them a hand written note, heck I may even give them a call. More to come on this.
  9. Plan a performance. I've been saying it over and over again, I want to put on a show. So, I am either going to get a license to perform at Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica this September or I am going to perform at an open mic in NYC this August. TBA.
  10. You decide. Thinking of thirty things to do before turning thirty is a lot of work so please, suggest something for me. I'm pretty open minded, although I am law abiding so nothing crazy folks. Share some ideas you think may help diversify the next 49 days of life at 29. 
All in all, I'm quite nervous about this new chapter. But since I am still 29, I'm not going to stress anything too much, (at least not until September 1st when the countdown will begin). For now, I'm going to focus on my list and experiencing new opportunities. I'm going to listen to the wise words of Dan Benson who once said, "It's not a successful climb unless you enjoy the journey."

In that case, bon voyage twenties! Bon voyage.

Signing off, 

The Jaclyn of All Trades

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