Monday, April 25, 2011

Prescription for a "Make it Count" Monday: Coffee and Aspirin with Dee Anna David

It's Monday. The week has just started out and you are almost done with your first day back at work. 

The pressure is on to make this week "the week"....the one where you actually finish that project you've been delaying, the one where you ask your boss for the raise you feel you are long overdue, the one where you finally book the trip you've been working hard towards (you know, the one you are saving for by sacrificing your Starbucks).

OR on the other hand, it could be just another Monday where time flies by and before you know it, Friday rolls around and you feel as though you have nothing to show for the past 7,200 minutes of your life. The choice is yours.


To help make this Monday different from the last, we have a little prescription courtesy of Dee Anna David. What's her remedy for making Mondays count?

Coffee and Aspirin. Learn more about Dee Anna and the role Coffee and Aspirin play in her daily life.


Who: I'm Dee Anna, a ten-year lifestyle media professional and writer paying rent in Los Angeles. Over the past decade I've traveled all over the country, made a lot of friends, and have had a lot of fun. I could tell stories from behind the proverbial velvet rope all day but now I'm on a mission to change the world, one socialite at a time, and teach people what I had to learn the hard way: The most important thing in life is not to count your blessings, but to share them.

I've finally been convinced to open up and share this behind-the-scenes look at life as I know it: travel, media, events, fashion, nightlife, my "deetours," and the projects and charities my friends and I are taking on in 2011 to fight poverty, AIDS, support disaster relief and most importantly initiate change by engaging the lifestyle and nightlife industry to join in our mission.
What: cof·fee \and\ as·pi·rin
Noun - A perfectly adequate substitute for sleep when a more than full-time profession in lifestyle media, wild travel schedule, ten-item new year resolution list and unbreakable love of nightlife doesn't allow much time for naps.

How it all got started: I am a very, very lucky girl.
Over the years, I have held an amazing career in lifestyle media, that has shuffled me all over the country, lead me to experiences many people will never have, see things many will never see, and make so many amazing friends all over the place. Everyone thinks their friends are amazing, but mine really are.

When my beyond perfect life suddenly fell apart at the end of 2008, I was at no shortage of support to turn to and help me put the pieces back together, a process that more than two years later is still in progress, but I’m getting there. And, when in the end of 2010 with my 30th birthday approaching, I decided to do a $5k fund-raising campaign for charity: water to fund a dedicated clean water well in the Central African Republic, the rush of support surprised even me.

My inner circle, my family, my mentor and my “best friend” in each of the four states I’ve at one point had my mail forwarded to, came through right away. But thanks to the overwhelming love and support from business associates, co-workers, every ex-boyfriend/old flame that ever meant anything to me except one (don’t judge him, we’re in a weird place), long lost friends and even a few surprise social media followers, I was able to shelve marketing tactics I had originally planned to use,  the goal was met ahead of schedule and turned out to be the first of many more charity projects to come … which leads me to, the list.

The Resolutions aka "The List": New year’s resolutions are important to me, partly because, I was born on New Year’s day. I’ve always had a doubly perspective that each year is a new chance to achieve anything and everything a person wants out of life. This year, I told myself that I would set goals that didn’t just have to do with my career path. I’ve already exceeded all of those. This year, my extensive list of goals would focus on happiness and fulfillment outside of just my career.

1. I will commit at least 5% of my take home earnings next year to charity and aim for 10%.

2. I will do at least 3 more charity projects this year. At least one will involve giving time, not just money. Projects I am contracted and paid for will not count.

I will not be a victim of my vices

3. I will get back on and use it daily to manage my spending and saving.

4. I am holding myself to a strict policy of how much clothes I am allowed to have at any time. When I am over my limit, I must donate some. I will not sell or consign any clothing or accessories this year unless it is for charity.

5. I will spend no more than half of what I spent in 2010 on clothing and accessories (baby steps).

6. I will cut down my caffeine intake. I am a huge coffee and Red Bull addict with a daily routine of one Starbucks and three Red Bulls each day. That will cut to half by summer and no more than an average of 1.5 per day by year’s end.

7. I will cut back on my drinking. I don’t drink as often as it looks like I do anyway. In my industry, I’ve had to learn to go out to all hours and stay sober. But when I do, I can overdo it. I have a small frame and a Mexican tolerance. Dangerous combination. I haven’t figured out how to make that quantitative yet.

I have spent the last several years in flight mode. When I go to sleep on New Year’s Eve 2011, I will know that I am where I belong.

8. I will get over my fear of driving and learn how to drive again (this ties to the beginning of what happened to me in 2008).

9. I will get over the past, my fears of hurt and let myself be open. Stop seeking out men with inherent flaws and stop pushing away the others. (Already this year I have failed at this one disastrously.)

10. The biggie. I will determine and settle in the city I see myself in long term. That place may or may not be Los Angeles. It most likely will not be Phoenix. Las Vegas, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and New York are all possibilities.

Bonus ongoing resolution: To every year, no matter what, always find a way to go to at least one, new locale to which I’ve never been and have one experience I’ve never experienced.

The Jaclyn of All Trades asked Dee Anna for some words of encouragement/wisdom with regard to shifting perspectives. Here's what she recommends.

"The most important thing in life is not to count your blessings, but to share them. I believe in karma and if you don't pay it forward, you will pay it back, but even more important than that, we are all here to share. 

In today's world, financial security is an immense blessing but if it isn't that then maybe it is time, or wisdom or love. We all have something to share to help improve the lives of others. Sharing your gift with others, not only makes them feel good, but it will always immediately benefit you as well. Sharing your gift is a good way to grow upon it. 

For me, it was a ten year experience in marketing as part of a team that helped me achieve my goal for charity: water, realize that I was capable of managing and succeeding in such a marketing campaign on my own, and this even lead me to a couple new friends I never would've met otherwise."

As you can see, Dee Anna is living proof of her wise words. She plans on launching another campaign for charity: water, a few weekends ago she ran as part of an ASU alumni team in support of the Pat Tillman foundation ( and her next stop will be a project in support of an organization called European Disasters Volunteers (

See? Told you I have the perfect "make it count" Monday remedy. Now, how are you going to make life count this week, next week and the many more weeks to come?

Share your comments, your tips, share your stories here. 

And for daily inspiration, reflections on life and some pretty phenomenal photos, be sure to check out Dee Anna's blog

Until we meet again,

The Jaclyn of All Trades

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  1. Love it! Very inspirational for people from all walks of life.

  2. I am so glad that you made your goal Dee Anna!!!! Keep it up! Sincerely, Adriana M.

  3. great post and definitely an inspiration for others.

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