Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Priority of Pressure

I’m tired. It’s only Tuesday. There are 1,000 other things on my mind aside from blogging.

How many emails do I still have to answer?

I need to revise and update those two reports.

My throat hurts.

I’m still jet lagged.

And this, well this is the loudest “thing” I keep hearing over and over and over.
Why do I feel like I’ve hit a plateau? Who am I right now?

Because, sometimes in entrepreneurship, other things take precedence. Because sometimes we are doing enough to propel us forward.

Because maintenance in entrepreneurship vs “being in full throttle mode 24/7” is better than burning out, not having any clarity and closing the doors on your business as fast as they opened.

The pressure is good for you.

That’s the cliché. And while that may be true to varying degrees, the pressure can also prevent you from clear, concise actions. The pressure can prevent you from accepting that every great leader was once where you are today.

Questioning themselves.
Learning as they go.
Confused on how or if they are ever going to get “there.”

And when you reach that point of being pulled in 327 directions, that point where you are feeling as though you are in the exorcist and your head is spinning and you want to walk away from the keyboard and screen guess what you are supposed to do to survive? The very next item on your to-do list.

That’s right. You read correctly.

Quitting, walking away and stalling won’t serve you any good. So, even though it may be a challenge, even though you may be in need of space and a break (things I recommend you give yourself) just look at the next item on your to-do list—be it blogging, emailing a prospect, finishing a report, paying a bill—and push yourself to power through.

The pressure is good for you when you know how to push past your resistance and stretch just a few more feet than you were willing to do before. The pressure is not good for you when you allow it to shrink you down to size, to compare your path, brand, messaging, you name it to everyone else’s, to not allow you anytime whatsoever to process and grow.

Photo credit: Brittney Castro, www.financiallywisewomen.com 

No athlete, major or minor league, sets out to maintain the same record. There is always the pursuit of achieving just a little more than the prior accomplishment (due to pressure) and then, well then there is rest and recovery.

Some weeks, you just gotta stop pushing, forcing, focusing, examining and worrying that you are never going to get "there" and really surrender to the idea (although you may not agree or like it one bit) that you are EXACTLY where you’re supposed to be. 

Signing off to practice what I preach this Tuesday night,

The Jaclyn of All Trades 

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  1. I love this!!! Yes, moving through is important ESPECIALLY when you're up to big things.. and surrendering to space is equally important when feeling burnt out.

    Yay! So glad you're blogging Jaclyn!

  2. Oh, how I relate! This sentence.....when you know how to push past your resistance and stretch just a few more feet than you were willing to do before. Reminds me of how much my yoga helps me in my business. Namaste, fellow entrepreneur!

  3. Yes! So feeling you and this right now. Preach it! I ran two marathons and I realized that building a business is exactly like running a marathon ... you just put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Your pace may be fast, then slow, then you'll walk and then you'll run again, but it's ultimately just one foot in front of the other, whatever the pace is. For 26.2 miles or until you get 'there,' but we all know that we'll have a new bigger, hairier goal once we get 'there.'