Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is Being Competitive A Good Characteristic Or A Bad One

C is not for confession (although I am about to share something rather personal here). Here goes: I am a reality TV junkie.

Real Housewives of every city, The Voice, Celebrity Apprentice, Shark Tank. I’m not sure if it’s the crazy theatrics of the characters or the way the producers interweave adrenaline-fueled plot lines, but something has me hooked.

And all this reality TV watching isn’t a complete time drain, I actually do pick up a lot of helpful business insight from Shark Tank. Even Celebrity Apprentice shows me the type of leader I never want to be: unorganized, unfocused, narcicisstic.

No matter how different each of the shows I mentioned above may be from one another, there is a common element that they all share: competition! Who is the best, most dominant, most talented, smartest, wealthiest, most successful individual crossing the finish line first......everytime. 

And I must say, I have turned the other away from competition the vast majority of my adult life. The only person I have ever been interested in competing with is myself and that's hard enough thanks to my inner critic. She keeps me moving on to the next, bigger, better challenge constantly. 

So I have to ask, is being competitive a good characteristic or a bad one?

One could argue that the greatest athletes of time are competitive but they are also team players. True? False? 

And if we didn’t have competition in business or blogging, what would be the motivation to provide better service, better content and to stand out from the crowd?

I asked and I hope you answer because I’m having a "competition conflict." On the one hand, I want to be as successful as my life will permit, I want to win awards and be in the best shape of my life with a profitable business, loving relationship and gorgeous residence. Could it be that a lack of competitive nature is thwarting that?

On the other hand, I want to be happy and fulfilled, and grateful for all that I have in this very moment. And if you agree, I'd love to know how you think we can utilize competition to be a benefit, and not a detriment to those objectives. 

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